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Why Paradise Pools?

1. A Life Time Warranty
2. Less maintenance than concrete by up to 70%.
3. Savings on electricity--run equipment only four hours a day instead of 10-12 hours for concrete pools.
4. Savings on chemicals. Fiberglass does not leach alkali in to the water so you use less acid.
5. A pool that outlasts Gunite or vinyl liners in useful life.
6. Faster installation time than many other types of inground pools.
7. A smooth surface of nonabrasive material.
8. More resistant to stains than ordinary plastered finish.
9. More economical than vinyl to maintain. No replacement of liners.
10. Smooth, less porous finish will not allow algae to penetrate its walls.
11. Year round installation.
12. Seventeen times stronger (flexually) than concrete.
13. Structural stiffeners in our side walls provide extra support during installation and back filling.
14. Largest selection of fiberglass pools and spas available.
15. All the great options available for your complete swimming pleasure.
16. 4 layers of premium raw materials that last for years.
17. A pool designed and built by a manufacturer under controlled conditions.
18. Most durable, longest lasting pools available.
19. No acid washing or sandblasting.
20. Complete, ready to swim packages at an affordable price.
21. The best value for your money.
22. Easy to install.

Paradise Pools, serving Ohio since 1993.
Northern Ohio's most experienced fiberglass pool company.

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