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Paradise Fiberglass Pools, Inc. was founded by Bob Thompson, D.B.A Paradise One Piece Fiberglass Pools, in 1993. In 1998, the company incorporated as Paradise Fiberglass Pools, Inc. Mr. Thompson believed in the quality of fiberglass pools when he was introduced to them by a friend in 1990. Mr. Thompson then traveled to Florida for training in 1992 and has since developed a corporation that averages 40 swimming pool installations per year with a great product line, good reputation in the business, many satisfied customers and a consistent satisfactory record with the B.B.B.
Paradise Fiberglass Pools, Inc.is a company that does believe that the customer is the most important part of any job.
We have the equipment and man power to get the job done, we can work with your landscape architect providing the highest quality pool available on the market with landscaping provided by a landscaper that you trust. We can do anything from complete installation of your new pool with the concrete sidewalk and patio, stamped concrete or pavers to providing you with the pool shell as part of an assisted installation. Or we can provide you with the pool shell, D.I.Y., for you or your contractor to install, the choice is yours.
Other pool options may include but are not limited to - jump boards (available on some pools but not recommended), sliding boards, fiber-optic lighting, ionizer, water spouts, water falls and more.
It is our asserted opinion that fiberglass pools in general are the highest quality pools available on the market for in-ground pool construction. All fiberglass pools are not necessarily equal. As you research fiberglass pools you will notice, like everything else, that one dealer or manufacturer states that they have the best on the market. We believe that the proof is in writing in the form of the manufacturer warranty. Our pools have the best warranties in the industry and we are confident that upon close inspection, you will agree. We are the most experienced dealer specializing in fiberglass pools in the greater Cleveland area. As a result, we can offer you pools from Trilogy Pools and San Juan Pools.
Please feel free to e-mail us at paradisepools@cox.net with any questions.
Consultations are available to assist you in selecting your new pool.